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Practicing infront of the TV?!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

So recently I was listening to the Trombone Retreat podcast (I highly recommend it and you can check it out here: )

In their episode with Jo Alessi live at the ITF, something caught my attention. Mr. Alessi made reference to practicing infront of the TV. Suddenly I felt very seen as this is something I will do and have over my life done a lot, even though many would consider this sacrilegious. You should be focussing on your practice right?!

Well I think it all comes down to motivation. Or more accurately when you don’t have any, which is often the case when it comes to starting your practice. It's so much easier to slob out in front of the telly, especially if it is a fun easy watching show. However, often if you have your instrument with you or get it out you will find yourself buzzing, or playing long tones (or trying to work out the theme tune and play along). Both of these are the more simple and let's be honest, more boring warm ups that are nether-the-less crucial to our craft and yes, whilst you might not be 100% focussed on all aspects, you are playing and moving the air forward.

Often, I find this gives me that crucial kick start to make me pause the show and start practicing 'properly' or at least let my brain focus on trickier and more interesting things. The beast is out of the cage and you can't stop it now! Even if it really is one of those slow, bad mood, no motivation days you've played something, you've put air down the instrument.

My favourite show to do this with is Bob's Burgers (could you tell?!). Episodes are 25 minutes and easy to follow and not too emotional or dramatic. Thats a lot of slow long tone scales!

Do you do this? Do you have a favourite show that you 'play along with'? What sort of playing do you do? Or are your just too much of a purist for this nonsense?!

Leave a comment below and join the conversation!

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